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Sunday, April 25, 2010

How do you prepare for a visit from the Grandchildren?

I have a couple of days of my time off reserved for the grandchildren, and "Papa Basketcase" did some preparation for their visits!  I did my own prep this morning after the youngest arrived, had breakfast, and then took is mid-day nap.  Papa's preparation involved a visit to the grocery store yesterday, where he stocked up on bananas, pop tarts, cottage cheese, chocolate milk and cookie dough!  LOL....yes we do feed them healthy food as well, but we try to have some of their favorites on hand as well.  Oh, yes....our granddaughter, age 3, has a new favorite....she has asked for "pickles with balls"....her mother finally decoded that one....Pickled Okra!!!  I can't imagine a 3 year old requesting that one, but she did, so of course, Papa got a jar of that, too.

My morning then consisted of turning the cookie dough into edible treats.  Now, mind you I CAN make cookies from scratch, but since Papa took pity on me for my work schedule and bought some "Poppin' Fresh Cookie Dough", I was happy to bake that up instead of mixing a batch of dough from scratch.  What Nana wouldn't take advantage of a little less work?  So...while little Owen was taking a l..o..n..g nap, I baked cookies!

Here is a pan full ready for the oven.

and some fresh from the oven......

cooling....almost ready for Nana's Cookie Jar.     

And Nana's Cookie is officially FULL!!!
Of course, I still need to do a few things before the older two get here this evening.  I have some mighty important jobs to take care of...not the least of which is to fill up their BUBBLES!  LOL

Before I take care of those last few important jobs, I can't resist showing you just how baby Owen helped Nana make the cookies.......

AWWWWW.....that is one of the sweetest sights a Nana can see......!

I better get back to those all important jobs....the other two will be here in just a few hours.  Hope you are all having as wonderful a Sunday as I am!


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  1. i'm getting ready for mine to come for 2 months and then back in august for a whole year. that means put away the knitting basket,the sewing basket, the rolling oin collection,the stacking boxes,etc,etc,etc. i can live without them sitting out if it means i get to have my babies.