Here is where I will attempt to keep up with the changes I'm making in my decor, craft ideas, general living and family activities. I also plan to offer some of my graphics, along with finished Primitive craft items for sale. I'll try to give you great decorating ideas, cool crafting ideas, and some tried and true recipes that have served me over the years. Be sure to grab a cup of coffee, check in often, and enjoy your time here!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Decided to start a Primitive Blog

I'm not sure what I'm's not like I don't have enough to do with my time, but I'm starting a blog to keep track of my Primitive Makeovers, Primitive decorating ideas, and crafting! If it's like my knitting blog, I'll probably not remember to post much....or not make the time for it, but I'll give it my best shot!

I'll use this first post to introduce myself. I'm known on most of my forums, etc. as "basketcase" or "basketcase413". As you get to know me, you'll be surprised to find that my nickname was not created as a response to my "nature", although I DO get so much going on that I am sometimes considered a "basketcase" by my friends, but the nickname was started when we had our own business making and selling baskets! We sold the business to a wonderful lady almost 5 years ago, and signed a non-compete agreement not to make baskets for 5 years....that time will be up in July, so you might just see us getting back into baskets after that!

I am a full time paramedic, a field supervisor, and work many long hours. Now that we are fully staffed, I am finding myself with more time at home and am loving using my time to create "Primitive Makeovers" and take my formerly "Country" decorating style to a more "Primitive" or "Colonial" level. I've been married for almost 27 years, have two children, Brandy (almost 26), and JD (almost 23)....all these numbers will be come official the end of May. I also have three precious Grandchildren, Jayde (3), Aden (18 months), and Owen (5 months). These babies are the loves of my life! I so enjoy spending time with's so much fun to see the world through the eyes of a child again at 47!

My husband and I have a small farm that was originally part of my father-in-law's larger farm. We live in the house that was built in 1958-59 by his father. We have made many changes to it, and are planning to do some more changing in the near future. It was definately time for some upgrades/improvements, but I am enjoying decorating in a more primitive style that is a reflection of the simple life my in-laws lived. We enjoy gardening, and I have recently been informed that I WILL be teaching my husband to can this summer so that he can help more with that. Since he is a school bus driver, he has more time off in the summer than I do, and I am more than willing to share that load with him!
We also enjoy spending time outdoors, camping and 4 wheeling. In fact we are members of "Cloud Nine Ranch" in the heart of the Ozarks, where we love to go to spend time riding the trails in our UTV. We are looking forward to sharing some time here with the children and grandchildren this summer. These are the perfect times to feed my habit of photography. It's amazing the things you can find in the simple beauty of nature to capture with the camera lens. Here are a few of the photos I've taken while on vacations:

I'm sure I will be sharing more as time goes by.
In addition to my many hobbies/interests I also sell greeting cards online at . I haven't had a chance to add many new ones lately....but that is in my plans for the near future. Of course, we all know what happens to be the best laid plans of mice and men.....and ladies, too! LOL

I will try to use this blog to keep my friends/family/fellow bloggers updated on what is going on in my life, share crafting projects and decorating tips, and who knows what else? Stay tuned for goal is to post at least once a week.....I'm sure I'll post more frequently at first....and then probably slow down some...but hang in there with me as I will try to make each post worth reading :-).

Hugs to all!


  1. Welcome to blogging! Looking forward to following your posts! Your grandkids are precious!!! I have an Owen too!

  2. HI LISA!
    Just saw on the app forum that you started a blog...WELCOME!

    You have a wonderful start and how great that you are a paramedic...wonderful profession.

    Love the photos of your grandchildren


  3. Love reading blogs. Can't wait to see some of your make overs. And your grand babies are so